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    The League Of Our Own, soon to be better known as the LOOO is adult full contact 11 on 11 man football played under standard American football rules. The league will kick off its promotional Elites Tournament on July 27th 2019. The LOOO will host four tournaments in four different regions to showcase its brand of football entertainment to the sports world. Teams in tournament will consist of ex professional, Collegiate & high school athletes and coaches, guaranteeing a top tier level of play and sportsmanship. We have created and implemented some exciting new highlights to our showcases and believe they will surpass the excitement and experience expected. Bringing more than just opportunities to athletes, we are seeking to bring individuals in our communities into our organization allowing them to use their skills and knowledge in areas of familiarity, thus giving them an opportunity to enhance their craft/brand/image while lifting ours.

The Experience

​LOOO Platform

    Here in the LOOO we are all about the advancement of our youth which is why you will find our leagues and its counterparts involved in many youth programs encouraging education, confidence and promotion.

    In conclusion, creating the greatest player, coach, staff, fan, business and supporter experience is the overall goal of the LOOO. Our goal will be accomplished by creating a contagious positive energy that rubs off on every being it comes in contact with, be it physically or virtually. The ingredients for our recipe include the Ideals of Hard work, team work, sportsmanship and competition, creating an unmatched welcoming atmosphere throughout the communities we serve.

    Our League’s platforms were created first as a stage for athletes and coaches to pursue their professional careers or be the stop gap that brought their dream to fruition. Second, provide the community with cost effective family friendly sporting events for individuals to enjoy collectively, furthermore a resource in adverse circumstances. Finally, LOOO is a networking rendezvous point for businesses to explore new brand impression options leading to new business opportunities.

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About Us

    In its creation the League Of Our Own was found at the intersection of integrity, character, Passion and family value. A passion to assist in building better communities the LOOO and its teams are committed to setting and upholding a high standard of professionalism on and off the field. On the field we are prepared to showcase a professional level of sports entertainment enjoyable for the whole city. Off the field we will express our gratitude to our communities through kind acts of volunteering, donating and hosting events raising awareness to the importance of working together for the benefit of all.

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